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Christmas Pageant

The Pageant is a Christmas concert set inside the Capital Rotunda. Staging is assembled by the club on the Friday evening before the event. In addition to building the stage, the club publicizes the event, coordinates the high school music directors and funds the entire enterprise. Sunday, actors take the stage depicting the Nativity scene while high school music students sing and play traditional Christmas music. Spectators crowd around the railings in the Capitol. Performances take place at 4:15 pm and 5:15 pm. Madison West Kiwanians serve as ushers during each performance. The staging is taken down immediately following the last performance. The Pageant usually takes place on the first Sunday of the week followinging Thanksgiving. 

To support this pageant, the Madison West Kiwanis Foundation receives contributions of about $4,500 each year. The annual cost is usually between $4,000 to $5,000 per year. 


Madison West Kiwanians setting up the pageant stage in the North Gallery of the Capitol.


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