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Madison West Kiwanis volunteering at Culvers

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Pancake Day - November 5

Madison West Kiwanis will hold its Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, November 5,...

Music Scholarships to be Announced on April 21

The 2017 Joseff-Endle Music Scholarship recipients will be announced during...

Community and Youth Service Grant - April 1

Annually the Madison West Kiwanis awards  more than $16,000 in grants to...

Eleven Appications Recieved for the Adaptive Ski Program

Madison West Kiwanis received 11 applications for the 2017 Ethel Allen Adaptive...


Community Grant

Each year, the Madison West Kiwanis Club awards $16,000 to $22,000 in grants. In 2017, the grants totaled, $21,500. We have two categories of grants, community and youth services.  

2018 Applications are due April 1. Following is the link to the 2018 application.

2018 Community Services Grant Application

2017 recipients of the Coommunity Services  Grants:

        Domestic Abuse Intervention Services

         Second Harvest Food Bank

        The Road Home

         Planned Parenthood

         VSA (Very Specials Arts) Wisconsin

         Our Lady of Hope

Bonnie Hansen, (Kiwanis Committee chair)(l-r), Thomas Powell (VSA), Julie Jensen (Our Lady of Hope), Margo DeNuccio (Planned Parenthood), Kaitlyn Gaynor (DAIS), Peggy Haloran (The Road Home) and Chris Ziemba (Second Harvest)

Each year, in addition to our ongoing program support and club projects, the Madison West Kiwanis club awards between $10,000 and $15,000 in grants. In 2016 the grants awarded were $16,000. The grants are awarded in two categories, Youth Services Grants and Community Services Grants.

2016 recipients for Community Service Grants are:

       Domestic Abuse Intervention Services - one day of shelter services

       Road Home - rental assistance to families with young children

       Ronald McDonald House - family room at St. Mary's Hospital

       Second Harvest Food Pantry-support of mobile food pantries in rural areas

Grant Selection Criteria

Community Grants will be focused on programs and opportunities that support:

        Area based adult educational and developmental programs.
        Adult support programs providing food and shelter.
        Job training programs.

Grants payments will be made directly to the youth, their sponsoring organizations or 501 ©(3) organizations. Where applicable, The Madison West Kiwanis Foundation must be named/credited for funding the grant.

Grant selection is based on thoughtfully considered and documentable needs, and on proposals prepared thereon. The process of solicitation, evaluation, and selection of proposals is both open and structured. Random funding requests to Madison West Kiwanis, outside this process, will be evaluated by the Club Board rather than the Foundation, but are rarely granted.

Other Grant Guidelines:

      Grants may be made to churches and other religious organizations if:

          the program or project otherwise meets these grant criteria, and
          the grant is unrelated to a religious purpose, and
          the grant does not have the effect of promoting a religion or sect.

Grant proposals must be submitted or renewed on an annual basis. However, individual donors to the Foundation may stipulate that their gifts be used to support continuing, long-term programs.

Generally, grants will not be approved for:

          Programs that are primarily athletic or recreational in nature.
          Any political campaign or effort to influence legislation in connection     with any public office.