Madison West
Serving the Children of the World
Madison West Kiwanis volunteering at Culvers

Madison West Kiwanis has scheduled a new fundraiser with Culvers restaurant...

Pancake Day - November 5

Madison West Kiwanis will hold its Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, November 5,...

Music Scholarships to be Announced on April 21

The 2017 Joseff-Endle Music Scholarship recipients will be announced during...

Community and Youth Service Grant - April 1

Annually the Madison West Kiwanis awards  more than $16,000 in grants to...

Eleven Appications Recieved for the Adaptive Ski Program

Madison West Kiwanis received 11 applications for the 2017 Ethel Allen Adaptive...


8How to Join Madison West Kiwanis

If you have questions about Madison West Kiwanis please contact our club secretary, Ron Schuler at  (phone 608-821-0987) or (mail 7435 Cedar Creek Trail, Madison, WI 53717). If interested in joining our club and making a difference in the Madison community, please feel free to complete the application form, linked here and mail to address on the application form.  Please see more details on club benefits below.

There are many things to consider when evaluating a service club and deciding if it is a good fit for you. The time commitment, the cost, the meeting date and location all are important factors, but first and most important; do you believe in the Mission of the organization and feel strongly about its program of work?

The Madison West Kiwanis Club, following the objects of Kiwanis International, has at its core a mission to help build a better world one child and one community at a time. This is reflected in our club projects, our scholarship program and in our grant selection criteria. As a club, we are very proud of the good we have accomplished over the past 50 years and we are looking for individuals who will not only carry on our traditions, but will bring their own passion and flavor to the club.

In addition to being a part of an organization dedicated to building a better community, there are numerous other benefits to joining the club. Our members are wonderful and welcoming individuals who over time have become close friends. We have a great time together, not only at meetings, but during our volunteer efforts. We have a strong base which includes many important community projects and a well-funded foundation which will ensure future relevancy. Finally, we are actively seeking NEW SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES and want members to bring good ideas to the table.