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Serving the Children of the World
Madison West Kiwanis volunteering at Culvers

Madison West Kiwanis has scheduled a new fundraiser with Culvers restaurant...

Pancake Day - November 5

Madison West Kiwanis will hold its Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, November 5,...

Music Scholarships to be Announced on April 21

The 2017 Joseff-Endle Music Scholarship recipients will be announced during...

Community and Youth Service Grant - April 1

Annually the Madison West Kiwanis awards  more than $16,000 in grants to...

Eleven Appications Recieved for the Adaptive Ski Program

Madison West Kiwanis received 11 applications for the 2017 Ethel Allen Adaptive...


Kiwanis is an International organization serving the children of the world.

Kiwanis International , Madison West Kiwanis is a part of the international organization which provides resources for the clubs and its members and manages numerous national and international programs to solve health issues faced by children in the world. Currently the Eliminate project is a global program to eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus (MNT) by raising $110 million. On January 21, 2015, Kiwanis International celebrated its 100th Anniversary. A program on Kiwanis History was presented during Juanuary 23, 2015 meeting of Madison West Kiwanis. See history presentation.

Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District serves to support clubs and manage programs to support youth in the district. The 2012-13 governor's  project provided funds to purchase I-Pads for children with autism. Local clubs generated funds to purchase I-Pads for chidren in their respective  communities. The goal was to purchase 1000 I-Pads at  about $500 each. Madison West Kiwanis has purchased three I-Pads. The 2013-14 governor's project is to support a new swimming pool at  Camp Wawbeek, a facility to serve people with disabilities.

Circle K International (CKI) is the premiere university service organization in the world sponsored by Kiwanis International. With clubs on more than 550 campuses globally, programming is based upon the tenets of service, leadership, and fellowship. Madison West Kiwanis sponsors the  Edgewood College  Circle K. Madison West Kiwanis members serving as advisor is Ken Saville.

Members of Key Clubs are high school students who provide service in their high school and neighboring community. Madison West Kiwanis sponsors Key Clubs  at Madison West and Edgewood High Schools. Madison West Kiwanis members serving as advisors are Dave Wendricks for Edgewood and Ed Reisch for West.